Some call it taking risks… I call it exploring my options. Risks are simply measured decisions for individuals looking to potentially step outside of the norm. Do not be afraid of simply exercising your freedoms outside of what can become a cage called “your comfort zone”.


I challenge all individuals to pursue things that you want in life, whether that is a job, a savings goal or anything that you feel as if you can obtain. Challenging yourself in itself is risk, and I think that many take it as that and that is why many are stagnant. You must risk on a daily basis to be the best you possible within your current situation or you will never grow into the person you would like to be when you imagine the future you.


Many things are limiting factors: people at your job, your bosses, your lackluster clients (not all of them), and even some of the individuals that you chose to put in your life. At the end of the day, you control all of those items. You must be in control of your life, it is yours. If a boss is the reason you are not enjoying your current job, quit. People cannot hold you hostage in your own life. Take a chance on you, do not allow your comfort zone to allow you to waist your most precious asset, time. Taking calculated risks can be a mechanism to help you savor life and not waste time in places that are not allowing you to grow. Everyone knows that person who speaks to you and says “they wish they had” every time they have a story, that person did not take a risk to invest in themselves.


Risk is healthy, it is not something you should fear. Risk is a learning mechanism that allows you to continually grow and learn who you are as a person, an entrepreneur, a career driven individual, a parent, a significant other and more. Take risks, live life. #reality