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The Marketing and Creative Push You Need

Reginald Parks, MBA

Welcome to my personal presentation

My expertise

Business Strategy

I aim to help businesses reach a new Reality through a full understanding of where they aim to be and the steps to get there. My goal is to help you generate more revenue through business practices and marketing strategy.

Web Design & Development

I am a web design expert who has worked with tons of businesses to create their online business presence and or infrastructure. From informational to e-commerce websites, I have experience with various web development projects.


From creative that your clients will see on a day to day to the overall design of your business, I can be of help. Logos, marketing materials and more are my expertise.


Re-branding is a joy to me. It is the opportunity for a company to revamp their look and feel to generate a fresh and improved look for their now new and improved marketing strategies.

What people have said about me and my business

Clients’ words

I am an industry expert with 10 years of experience

A bit about me

Reginald Parks is the Owner and Lead Designer of Reality Marketing Group, LLC. (Formerly RLPJ Productions, LLC,.). Reginald hails from Raleigh, NC. With RMG, his sole focus is on making an impact though innovative design and marketing methods, his launches of several businesses and involvement in national and community organizations.


Reginald does philanthropic, social as well as business based programming on his own in the Southeast United States area. Reginald is the proud creator of How2scale.com. Reginald looks forward to developing several other mechanisms to help businesses in the near future.

The experienced industry expert

Reginald is a proud member of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, The Orlando Sports Foundation Board of Directors, as well as the the Young Professional Advisory Council of Orlando.


Reginald’s sole purpose is to help businesses and entrepreneurs develop their dreams into Reality through marketing and advertising efforts. His engagement in organizations usually stems from the organizations’ purpose towards helping young dreamers or the community create a not only sustainable but flourishing way of life for all members and those they engage with.

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Thank you for visiting my personal website, now get in touch!

Please feel free to contact me about consultation, online presence assessments, speaking engagements and more. I would love to be a part of making your company dreams Reality.