Leadership and its tie to business development in today’s corporate world. How leadership in business is changing and must in this challenging time.

In a time like now, it is very important to have leadership that reflects equality, great ethics, and a judgment that is unparalleled. This is true in business and within a business’s overall brand as well. It all starts with the definition of “Leadership”. Leadership has been taken out of context at times and is associated with figure head, president, or a titled position. We must lead daily as individuals, employees, business owners and more to continually grow our businesses and establish a report with not only our customers, but with our employees and those who interact with our business on a day to day. Some may ask, “is this important to our businesses bottom line”, and this could not be any more true. Businesses and their success are tied to their ethics, leadership and ongoing report with the stakeholders. Even in this troubling time and this current display of “leadership”,